School concept

The Private School of Life is a state recognised private lower school. From the beginning of the 201718 school year, the school will also be accepting students up to Year 10, and will be providing pupils the opportunity to complete the Fachoberschulreife.

A school is more than a place at which knowledge is shared and care is provided. Your child‘s first school years are decisive. Our school offers opportunities to learn and experience: music, art, the sciences, mathematics and modern languages. 

Independently of the conventional classroom setup, the pupils work on content that they chose, in the location of their choice. The aim of this is to focus an experience in which the imagination is stimulated and to inspire a joy in personal discovery and success. 

Support and  guidance is provided by pedagogically trained staff  whom function as learning partners. Small learning groups, the ‚Learning Room‘ concept and project orientated  learning ensures the possibility of a learning process that is specific to the individual. 

Within a learning portfolio the experiences and progress of each pupil is collected. The school is structured to provide day long care and opportunities, until 16:00. A large part of your child‘s childhood is spent at the school. Therefore, it is important for us that in addition to the learning process, there are opportunities for play and movement .

This is possible due to our school‘s location and grounds: woods and parks, a playground and a tennis court all provide opportunities for further development alongside the other children.