Project based learning is designed to encompass all disciplines within the school. At The Private School of Life, a variety of specialised rooms can be found to aid in the completion of project aims. Throughout the year, subject related learning is complimented through the provision of projects.

By using these study rooms, pupils have the opportunity to go beyond the scope of their own year’s curriculum. The individual student encounters students of other year groups with tasks of equal importance and focus on equal opportunities, with the tasks differentiated to allow for inclusion and constant challenge.

The free choice of content, place of learning and learning partners, greatly support the independence of learning and the cooperation of the learners from different year groups. As often as possible, the pupils are encouraged to assume the role of a teacher to facilitate learning and cooperation.

The principle of ‘learning through teaching’ is consistently realized. The teacher acts as a partner for learning, initiates questions and accompanies the self-organization of the learning process and provides input where necessary.

When the school gathers in larger groups, the pupils give an account of their progress in planning and implementation. The achievement of the project goals is assessed together.